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2014, July 22: “Paul died.” For family, friends, and fans of the Flemington Fair and Speedway community, nothing more needs to be said. We all have our memories, we all know what those words mean to us. FSHS extends our sincere condolences to the family of Paul R. Kuhl. We will share his obituary here should one be published online.

In 2013 Paul Kuhl received The Tas Award, honoring him as one of Flemington Speedway’s most influential persons. What follows is an excerpt of the bio written for that nomination.

Paul Kuhl, Flemington, New Jersey, 1927-2014

As a child, like many Hunterdon County natives, Paul Kuhl anxiously looked forward to the annual Flemington Fair. He loved the midway, the Big Car races, and later the Midgets and Stock Cars. As a young adult, Paul Kuhl attended the Saturday night Stock Car races, another fan in the covered grandstand. Unlike most Hunterdon County natives, Kuhl’s family had a stake in the fairgrounds, and in 1971, after witnessing years of Saturday night stagnation, Flemington Fair President Paul Kuhl became the promoter of Flemington Speedway.

From 1966 through 1970, the five years immediately preceding The Kuhl Era, Flemington Speedway presented an average of eighteen Modified features per year. For the next thirty years, the yearly average was thirty.
Like the carnival barkers of his childhood, Kuhl fashioned himself a showman. Bold statements, bold colors, bold dress, and bold decisions soon became his signature. Brashly candid, kind but never humble, Kuhl didn’t strive to be most-popular or even likable. Rather, he welcomed controversy, because he knew it sold tickets.

The Rookie Division; "Modified Country, USA;" Twin, Triple, Four, and Five Twenty-lap features; Reverse Races; Late Models; Three Sportsman Wins and Out; $5,000 bonus to any outsider who beats Flemington regulars - $25,000 if that person is a top Indy or NASCAR driver; World’s Fastest Five-Eighths Mile Speedway; Kite Cycles; Human Bombs; Bikini Night; Mud Wrestling; Modified Sprints; Purple, Violet, and Lavender… …these are but a sampling of the seemingly endless ideas and innovations of Flemington Speedway’s most flamboyant promoter.

A polarizing figure, Paul Kuhl was undeniably a most influential person in the history of Flemington Speedway, a true showman who perhaps more than anyone loved the spectacle that was "Stock Car Racing Every Saturday Nite April thru October.”

Image right: Jack Kromer shot this image of Paul Kuhl in August, 1992.
Image below: Jack Kromer shot this image of Paul Kuhl in Saturday, July 11, 1987. Triple Twenty’s were on the card for Modifieds that night. Ken Brenn Jr. (24) won the first and third features, Billy Pauch (126) won the second twenty lapper.

Paul R. Kuhl, Flemington, New Jersey, 1927-2014https://www.facebook.com/flemingtonspeedwayhistoricalsociety

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