Flemington Speedway Historical Society Inc. (FSHS) is a private non-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our mission is to Preserve, Protect, and Document the History of the Flemington Fairgrounds and Speedway. 

Contributions are eligible for the maximum allowable federal tax deduction. Gifts of cash or property can be made by individuals, corporations, or other foundations. Individuals interested in giving gifts through wills, trusts and securities, or as a memorial or tribute, should contact FSHS Treasurer Neal Wilt for details.

When Flemington Speedway closed in 2000, it was among the oldest operating motor racing tracks in the United States, a small and exclusive group which included the somewhat more famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Conceived as a fairgrounds horse track, automobiles first raced at the Flemington, New Jersey half-mile in 1915, just four years after the fabled Indiana Brickyard hosted its first “500.”

Flemington Speedway was a place for heroes, where ordinary people did some extraordinary things. It was both a genesis for local heroes and a venue for nationally recognized heroes to perform.

The mission of Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) is to preserve, protect, and document the faces and the names, the actions and events, that form the history of the Flemington Fairgrounds and Speedway. Our ultimate goal is to obtain and maintain a permanent museum. It’s not a dream, but an obligation.

In that pursuit, FSHS strives to get our message out. We have a highly visible presence at county fairs, community parades, classic car shows, auto races, and trade shows. Our monthly meetings feature historically significant guest speakers, and draw scores of enthusiasts. We host an annual racing movie gala and awards ceremony honoring Flemington Speedway’s most influential persons. “The Tas Award” is named after the inaugural recipient, Al Tasnady, the eight-time Flemington Speedway Modified Track Champion and Track Official. Our biggest fundraising event is the annual FSHS Car Show. Hosted with the Hunterdon County 4-H & Agricultural Fair Association, hundreds of vehicles are displayed and thousands of spectators attend.

We promote our message through flyers, in newspapers, on our own web site and Facebook page, on T-shirts and promotional items, and on signage displayed at each of the events we attend or produce.

There is a loyal, growing core of FSHS members. While Flemington Speedway still has a devoted community of former participants and fans, we have generated interest even among the uninitiated.

We believe our cause is worthy of your support, and we believe our advertising program to be so beneficial that it stands on its own merit. FSHS will tailor the promotion to best fit our mutual needs. By partnering with FSHS, your contribution will advance our efforts toward realizing a permanent museum.

FSHS is a cooperative effort striving for professional results. Please join us. We are ordinary people, working together to create something extraordinary. Be a hero.


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Flemington Speedway Historical Society Inc. (FSHS) is a public charity recognized by the IRS code as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) status.

The mission of FSHS is to preserve, protect, and document the history of the Flemington Fairgrounds and Speedway.

Your contributions are appreciated and tax deductible. 

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